A Story Of A Wave

A wave in an ocean
acquired conciousness
just when he was on the rise

While he was rising
he had wonderful visions
he thought how mighty he was
he was proud of the way he moved
he felt being very special
he loved the way wind felt
and felt as if
he was riding the wind

Then he became aware
of other waves
some mightier than him,
some just a little ripples
He felt less special,
infact felt quite common
he was sad and was breaking apart
Yes he'd seen many joys and some sorrows

All of this lasted but an instant
Down he went and he was a wave no more

What was he?
What was he all the time
before he was a wave?
What would he be after
for eternal time to come?
Just a wave?
A wave that was?
Perhaps he didn't even exist at all!

As soon as he stopped being a wave
he became aware what he really was:
he was a mighty ocean
and all the waves and ripples
were nothing but himself
in all the glorious forms
almost came to believe being
just a wave, soon to be forgotten

Being, not being special,
feeling proud of achievements,
joys and sorrows
heaven and hell
didn't quite mean anything at all.
Just some words invented by waves
to last them that brief moment
they ride the winds.

On the earth
a child was born...
somewhere a star was born...
a galaxy of stars is being born...

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