Useless Junk?

There's so much
of a useless junk.
Like the other day,
I was watching a movie
the one I had seen
a long time back;
wasn't even watching it
forgotten all about it
just hearing what was going on,
I remembered, every word said
and the next line that would be said.
Just a useless junk
it's all still there
so are many other things
that I do not remember.

1 comment:

  1. Youe quote reminds of a incidence from the novel of Sherlock Holmes.
    Once the famous detective Mr. Sherlock Holmes was asked by his Able assistant Dr. Watson that how he managed to remenber so much of information. Sherlock holmes said that everybody has limited capacity to remember things. Don't store unnessessory things in your brain. Otherwise you will miss out on other important ones. Our brain is not an attick to store unrelated information. Dr. Watson was laer shocked to know that Mr. holmes didn't know it is earth that goes around the sun & not vise versa....simply because that information was of no help to him inn his profession as a private detective.