A Circle of Enlightenment

A straight line
with no within
and without
bends unto itself
transforms into
a circle

The circle
little space inside
infinite space outside
Our minds, thats how it is
so little inside
and so much more outside

All Wisdom and religion
seek to erase
the boundries of ignorance
they just misshapen
a perfect circle

Yes, there's beauty
to behold in shaped
circle of ignorance
It's battered and bleeds
when tampered with
wisdom and reason

Religions and wisdom
with right intentions
stretches the horizon
a circle with centre
without any boundries
finally they enlighten

The metamorphosis of a closed mind to an open mind with a centre as an awareness of 'the self' and encompassing everything in existance, all knowledge, wisdom, time and space is 'enlightenment'. We start out as children with no self awareness (straight line) then as we grow older we create a circle around our self, no matter how large the circle is, it is still minute compared to neverending boundries of knowledge and wisdom. With introspection and wisdom, we seek to break this boundries. If we seek enlightenment outside, we would be limited by the horizon created by our sensory perception. It is only by looking within ourselves we would be able to erase the boundries of self created circle of psuedo knowledge/ignorance.

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  1. This is a wonderful poem! It describes the mind so very well. You've used wonderful metaphors for this.